Lecture Outline 9_24

Lecture Outline 9_24 - : Proteins that cannot be easily...

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Plasma Membrane Structure, Transport Through Membranes Reading Assignment: Chapter 7, pages 125 – 141. Plasma membrane Lipid Bilayer: Phospholipids Hydrophobic/Hydrophilic Hydro = water Phobic = fearing Philic = loving Membrane Proteins Location in the bilayer Function of membrane proteins Membrane carbohydrates Membrane permeability Transport processes Transport through the Plasma Membrane Diffusion (passive transport) Osmosis (passive movement of H 2 O) Active Transport (requires energy in the form of ATP) Carrier mediated transport Active transport Facilitated diffusion GLOSSARY Plasma membrane: The membrane at the boundary of every cell that acts as a selective barrier, thereby regulating the cell’s chemical composition. Lipid bilayer: A double layer of phospholipids, the “backbone” of membranes (either the plasma membrane or membranes of cell organelles) normally consist of a lipid bilayer Integral proteins
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Unformatted text preview: : Proteins that cannot be easily separated from a bio-membrane; a component of the plasma membrane. Peripheral proteins: Proteins that can be easily removed from a biomembrane (e.g., by altering the pH or the ionic strength). Glycosylated proteins : Proteins that are bound covalently to a carbohydrate. Simple diffusion: The net movement of materials across a cell membrane from a higher concentration to a lower concentration. Facilitated diffusion: Diffusion of molecules across a cell membrane, assisted by protein pores or carriers embedded in the cell membrane. Active transport: The movement of molecules across a cell membrane, usually against a concentration gradient, through the use of cellular energy. Osmosis: The diffusion of water across a differentially permeable membrane from a higher water concentration to a lower water concentration....
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Lecture Outline 9_24 - : Proteins that cannot be easily...

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