Lecture Outline 10-20-10-22

Lecture Outline 10-20-10-22 - Photosynthesis Reading...

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Photosynthesis Reading Assignment: Chapter 10, Pages 185–205. The Big Picture of Photosynthesis What is photosynthesis? Capturing of light energy Why is it important? Where does it occur? Plant Structure Light Spectrum Photosynthesis Light-Dependent Reactions Electromagnetic spectrum Absorption of light by Chlorophyll Photoexcitation of Chlorophyll Linear electron flow Formation of ATP: Chemosmosis Light-Independent Reactions Calvin Cycle CO 2 fixation Environmental Adaptations C 3 Plants Calvin cycle only C 4 Plants Hot, semiarid conditions CAM Plants Desert conditions GLOSSARY Photosynthesis: The conversion of light energy to chemical energy that is stored in glucose or other organic compounds; occurs in plants, algae, and certain prokaryotes.
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Autotrophs: An organism that obtains organic food molecules without eating other organisms. Autotrophs use energy from the sun or from the oxidation of inorganic substances to make organic molecules from inorganic ones. Heterotrophs:
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Lecture Outline 10-20-10-22 - Photosynthesis Reading...

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