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Take Home Midterm Prompt

Take Home Midterm Prompt - AMERICAN STUDIES 301 MIDTERM Due...

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AMERICAN STUDIES 301 MIDTERM Due Friday, October 23 by 4:00 pm Place in Box Outside my Office Door (THH 402C) Please include a title for midterm, TA name, and staple Description of assignment : Compose an anthology of twelve quotations drawn from the materials assigned for the first four sections of this course (Parts I, II, III and IV). The anthology will consist of a preface, short commentaries on each quotation, and a conclusion. The anthology should be governed by a theme (or a set of two topics aligned to the concerns of the first four sections of the syllabus) that offer a way to unite together the diverse materials for this course. The best anthologies (those that will receive an A or A- grade) will be ones where the theme enables the student to inquire into the complexities of American culture and where both the structure and content of the midterm manifest democratic thinking (i.e., examining an issue by looking at it from multiple points of view) and integrative thinking (i.e, finding similarities and making syntheses amidst diverse voices). Texts for the assignment : Draw one quotation from each of the following texts or set of texts. Present the quotation and cite the text and page number of the quote (if the page number is available). Then provide your analysis of the quotation. 1. Carroll, ed., Letters from a Nation 2. Katz, ed., Why Freedom Matters 3. Smith, Twilight: Los Angeles, 1992 4. McWilliams, Southern California: Island on Land (chapters 2, 3 or 15) 5. O'Hearn, ed., Half+Half 6. David Brooks, On Paradise Drive 7. Political oratory or writings by Christopher Columbus, John Winthrop, George Thomas Jefferson, Abigail Adams, Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglass 8. Herman Melville, "Bartleby," or Nathaniel Hawthorne, "My Kinsman, Major” Molineux" or "The Gray Champion” 9. Black, Our Constitution: The Myth That Binds Us or Gustafson, “We the People and the Word” or Thurgood Marshall, or Kingston, “The Laws” 10. Essays by Tony Kushner, James Baldwin, Ralph Ellison, Stanley Crouch or political oratory by Franklin Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, Jr., Martin Luther King, Jr.
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11. Poetry by Pat Mora, Gloria Anzaldua, Ariana Waynes, Beau Sia, Robert Frost, Steve Connell, Langston Hughes, Ruben Martinez, or lines from skits or writings by Culture Clash 12. Free selection from any handout or text on the syllabus or lyrics by Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, Public Enemy, Natalie Merchant, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Outkast, Tupac, Bob Dylan, Tool, Bruce Springsteen, or any musician of your own choosing or citation of lines of dialogue from any American film. Analysis of the texts : Write a commentary on each quotation that is between 3-5 sentences in length. The commentary should be more than a paraphrase of the passage: it should seek to illuminate the significance of the passage and connect the passage to other passages through comparisons and contrasts. The commentary should develop the theme or governing idea of the anthology as a whole. It is vital in these commentaries to
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