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Notes 10-29-09

Notes 10-29-09 - Andreas fault a lot of damage caused by...

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GEOL 240Lxg Notes 10-29-09 Foreshocks – rare Mainshocks Aftershocks – common Swarm – If all events are about the same size (no mainshock); usually in geothermal areas Gutenberg Richter – below M-1 o PowerPoint slide Volcanic Tremor – continuous shaking before and during volcanic eruptions Famous earthquakes – big M>7; they kill a lot of people; usually occur in populated areas; *we learn something o Domestic earthquakes Fort Tejon (1857) – last big earthquake on southern segment of the San Andreas fault; max intensity X to XI San Francisco (1906) – last big earthquake on northern segment of the San
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Unformatted text preview: Andreas fault; a lot of damage caused by fire Owens Valley (Long Pine) (1872) – M>8; normal faulting Charleston SC (1886) – max intensity X; largest earthquake on east coast; no plate boundary; widely felt (Boston) New Madrid, Missouri (1811-1812) – 3 earthquakes M = 7.5, 7.3, 7.8; not on plate boundary; maybe continental rifting Long Beach (1933) – M about 7; Field Act (Zoning); brick buildings = bad San Fernando (1971) – engineering lessons...
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