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Theory of Computing Homework 9 CS 3810, Fall 2009 Due Friday, November 6 General guidelines: You may work with other people, as long as you write up your solution in your own words and understand everything you turn in. Make sure to justify your answers—they should be clear and concise, with no irrelevant information. Each problem should be submitted on a separate piece of paper. Please put your netid on your homework! 1. Let { } 1010010001 10 1| 0 n L n = L . Construct cfg’s 1 G and 2 G such that ( ) ( ) 1 2 L G
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Unformatted text preview: L G L = I . 2. Design a pda that accepts the all strings of a’s and b’s in which no prefix has more b’s than a’s. You may use acceptance by final state or empty pushdown store, which ever you find more convenient. (Please indicate which you chose.) 3. 7.1.2 4. 7.2.1 c and e 5. Prove that min(L) cannot be expressed in terms of h, h-1 , and intersection with regular sets. (Note: L can be absolutely any language. As a place to start, examine min(L) where L is context free.)...
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