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CS 32 Project 3 - Winter 2009 CS 32 P Programming...

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Winter 2009 CS 32 Programming Assignment 3 P Biox Time due: Part 1: 9:00 PM Thursday, February 19 T Part 2: 9:00 PM Tuesday, February 24 You have been hired by Nachengames, the world's largest producer of tacky video games, to produce a new video game called Biox. The rules of the game and the requirements for your program are in the Project 3 specification document (in PDF or Word format). Questions about the spec should be sent to the author, Carey Nachenberg . As the specification document notes, we have provided you with some files to help you along: myio.h , view.h , and soundfx.h . That document also references a writeup, Input From Files . Try this executable to see what the game looks like in action. Before playing it, put these data files in the same folder in which you put that executable file: wahoo.wav , zap.wav , level1.txt , level2.txt , level3.txt . When testing the Part 1 version of your program, you might want to use this easy level data file . Here are the significant changes between the draft document and the
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CS 32 Project 3 - Winter 2009 CS 32 P Programming...

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