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Showing Off Your Work If you're proud of your work, you may want to show it off to friends and family. (That's what's great about CS — if you do a nice job on a physics homework, no one wants to look at it; if you write a good history paper, no one honestly wants to read it; but if you create a cool game. ..) In fact, once the quarter's over and you have time, you may want to add new features. In one of the project subdirectories, there should be a .exe file with your executable. However, your friends and family may not have the right dynamic libraries installed for it to run. In that case build it with statically linked libraries. You'll also want to produce a Release version instead of a Debug version: Under Build / Configuration Manager. .. set Active solution configuration: to Release. Under Project / (whatever) Properties. .., in the left panel, expand
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Unformatted text preview: Configuration Properties and then C/C++. Select Code Generation. In the right panel, select Runtime library, and in the dropdown list, select Multi-threaded (/MT). Click OK and build your program. In the directory above the one containing your source file, there will be a directory named Release . (This is not the same directory named Release as the one in the directory with your source files.) In that directory will be your executable file (with a .exe extension). Send that file off to your friends and family, along with wahoo.wav , zap.wav , level1.txt , level2.txt , etc. Tell them to put all the .wav and level n .txt files in the same folder as the .exe file. To really wow them, record the wahoo file using your own voice instead of Carey's, or show them how you can edit a level file to produce a different configuration for that level....
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