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Homework 4 Multisetcpp - / Multiset.cpp #include...

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// Multiset.cpp #include "Multiset.h" #include <algorithm> // for std::swap template Multiset::Multiset() { createEmpty(); } { Node* p = find(value); // Inserting a new node at the tail rather than anywhere else // is an arbitrary choice. if (p == m_head) // not found insertAtTail(value, 1); else // found p->m_count++; return true; } { return doErase(value, false); } { return doErase(value, true); } { Node* p = find(value); return p == m_head ? 0 : p->m_count; } int Multiset::get(int i, ItemType& value) const
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{ if (i < 0 || i >= m_size) return 0; // Return the value at position i. This is one way of ensuring the // required behavior of get: If the Multiset doesn't change in the // interim, // * calling get with each i in 0 <= i < size() gets each of the // Multiset elements, and // * calling get with the same value of i each time gets the same element. // If i is closer to the head of the list, go forward
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Homework 4 Multisetcpp - / Multiset.cpp #include...

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