Business Law 242 Spring 2006 8 wks amended

Business Law 242 Spring 2006 8 wks amended - BUSINESS LAW...

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BUSINESS LAW II BUS 242 Coast Guard Finance Center Course No. 42333 Monday and Wednesday 5:30 – 8:15 p.m. Instructor : Suzanne Luna, LL.M., Adjunct Instructor Phone number: 822-5150 Email Address: [email protected] Course Description : Business Law II is designed to develop an understanding of our legal system and its significance for business operations. In some detail, the subjects covered include: the Law of Sales, Partnership, Corporations, and Commercial Paper. Also, the course is designed to enable the students to understand the rules of conduct expected of them. Course Purpose : This course develops a basic understanding of the uniform commercial code relating to business organizations, bankruptcy, and personal and real property. Required Text: The Legal and E-Commerce Environment Today , by Robert L. Miller and Frank B. Cross, West Education Publishing Co., 4 th edition (ISBN 0-324-27057-7). Tentative Reading Schedule: Review Unit One Chapter 1, 2, 3, 4 Business Organizations Chapter 14 Chapter 15 Article 2: UCC Appendices D, A-21 Article 9: UCC TBA Intellectual Property and Internet Law Chapter 10 International Transactions Chapter 24 Be prepared to discuss assigned chapter materials. I may not lecture from the text; instead, I may lead discussions of the chapter materials. Attendance and prepared participation make up ten percent of your final grade.
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Business Law 242 Spring 2006 8 wks amended - BUSINESS LAW...

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