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Robert W Bartels Bartels 1 Business Law 5 \ 3073 Mr. Richard Mednick Monday 18:00 hrs to 22:00 hrs BUS3201 Exam #1 Questions \ Nature of Law: THE NATURE OF LAW True-False- -Circle T for True and F for False: T F 1. Administrative agencies get the power to make law through a process called delegation. T F 2. The government cannot be a party to a civil suit. T F 3. A state homicide statute is both criminal and substantive. T F 4. Today, each state ha separate courts for law and equity. T F 5. In theory, at least, there is no federal common law. T F 6. To a legal positivist, morality or rightness is an essential component of any valid law. T F 7. Because the U.S. Constitution says that the President only executes the laws, the President never makes law. T F 8. A treaty defeats an inconsistent state constitutional provision in case of a clash between them. T F 9. Courts always follow a statute's plain meaning, no matter what the statute's legislative history or the courts' prior interpretations of it. T F 10. Today, courts tend to take an instrumentalist attitude toward law, viewing it as a flexible tool for accomplishing various social purposes. T F 11. Once the Restatements promulgate a rule on some subject, the state courts are bound to follow that rule. T F 12. According to sociological jurisprudence, law is best defined as the command of a recognized political authority. T
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Exam1BusinessLaw5NatureoftheLaw(2) - Robert W Bartels...

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