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Robert W Bartels Bartels 1 Business Law 5 \ 3073 Mr. Richard Mednick Monday 18:00 hrs to 22:00 hrs BUS3201 Exam #1 Questions \ Resolution of Private Disputes: THE RESOLUTION OF PRIVATE DISPUTES True-False --Circle T for True and F for False. T F 1. In order to have jurisdiction over a case and issue a decision that binds the parties, a court must have subject-matter jurisdiction (among other things). T F 2. Suppose that P, who lives in State A, wants to sue D, who lives in state B. The only way that P can sue D is to use the federal courts' diversity jurisdiction. T F 3. The Supreme Court must decide all appeals coming from the federal courts of appeals. T F 4. As a general rule, trial courts decide both questions of law and questions of fact. T F 5. X and Yare residents of State A. X wants to sue Y to determine the title to land located inside State A. Assuming that State A's trial courts have jurisdiction over this case, any county trial court in State A can decide X's suit. T F 6. An arbitrator's decision typically is binding on the parties, while a mediator's decision is not. T F 7. One of the purposes of the pretrial conference is to get the parties to stipulate to facts that are not in dispute. T F 8. When the trial judge decides to have the jury return a general verdict, the jury will declare which party wins the case and the relief, if any, to be awarded. T
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Exam1BusinessLaw5ResolutionofPrivateDisputes - Robert W...

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