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Robert W Bartels Bartels 1 Business Law 5 \ 3073 Mr. Richard Mednick Monday 18:00 hrs to 22:00 hrs BUS3201 Exam #2 Questions \ Real Property: REAL PROPERTY True-False--Circle T for true or F for false. T F I. A transfer of real property conveys the fixtures located on the property even if the fixtures are not mentioned in the transfer documents. T F 2. In community property states, not all property owned by a married person is classified as community property. T F 3. A tenancy in common's distinguishing feature is the right of survivorship. T F 4. Courts in recent years have increasingly tended to reject the old common law rule that owners of !real property are automatically liable to persons injured while on their property, if the injury was inflicted by a third party in the course of a criminal act. T F 5. If a grantor has issued, to two separate parties, deeds concerning the same tract of land, and if applicable state law contains a race- notice statute, the grantee having priority is the one who (a) took her interest without notice of any prior unrecorded claim to the property, and (b) recorded her deed first. T F 6. A quitclaim deed does not guarantee title to the subject property. T F 7. The property provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act impose obligations on the owner of a private dwelling. T F 8. The government may be required to pay compensation for a "taking" of private property even when it has not formally exercised the power of eminent domain. T F 9. An easement appurtenant is primarily designed to give a personal right to an individual property owner rather than to benefit a certain parcel of property. T F 10. A deed that has not been recorded is not valid as between the grantor and the grantee.
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Robert W Bartels Bartels 2 REAL PROPERTY Multiple Choices--Circle the best answer. 11. Under which of the following circumstances would a tenant not be permitted to remove trade fixtures? a. If the tenant fails to remove them before the end of his lease for a definite period, or within a reasonable time after the expiration of a lease for an indefinite period. b. If the fixtures are used in the tenant's trade or business.
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Exam2BusinessLaw5RealProperty - Robert W Bartels Business...

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