IT Forensic – Test 1

IT Forensic – Test 1 - IT Forensic Test 1...

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IT Forensic – Test 1 no essay . .. multiple choice and short answers and fill in craig stuff not on test 1. Different type so evidence : Culpitory , circumti. .. know what some of them are and know what they mean There are three primary types of evidence that can be used to persuade someone to believe a claim or assertion: a. Testimony of a witness: can be based on what the person experienced through any of the five senses. Two senses most commonly relied on are sight and hearing. b. Physical evidence: is anything tangible, such as a bullet, knife, wound, footprint, DNA, piece of clothing, traces of poison, or evidence learned through an autopsy of a body. c. Electric evidence: is in digital format, such as an IP address, computer virus, email, voice-mail, cookie, log file, instant message, digital image, or electronic fund transfer (EFT). It has been referred to as nonflammable evidence. E-evidence can be gathered through a computer or IT autopsy. 2. know abt 4th ammendment: What kind of protections
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IT Forensic – Test 1 - IT Forensic Test 1...

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