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VB - Chapter 2 - Chapter 2 : USER INTERFACE DESIGN...

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Chapter 2 : USER INTERFACE DESIGN Introduction to More Controls Text Boxes: When you want user to type some input. Text Property NameLabel.Text = NameTextBox.Text MessageTextBox.Text = " " Text Align Property MessageTextBox.TextAligh = HorizontalAlignment.Left Maked text boxes: Specialized form of text box control. Rich text boxes: offers a variety of formatting features. Eg: URL Displaying text on Multiple Lines:Both Rich and Text Box WordWrap property: should the content wrap to the second line MultiLine property:false(default for text box)True(Rich text box) TitleRichtextBox.Text = " . ........ ....... " Group boxes: They are used as a containers Check Boxes:Select/deselect an opition Radio Buttons: Use radio buttons only when one button of a group may be selected. Picture Boxes: They can hold an image. LogoPictureBox.Visible = False SamplePictureBox.Image = My.Resources.Sunset //without the extension Adding and removing Resources: Project designer helps you accomplish
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VB - Chapter 2 - Chapter 2 : USER INTERFACE DESIGN...

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