VB - Chapter 13

VB - Chapter 13 - Controlling Pictures at Run Time Moving a...

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Chapter 13 Graphics, Animation, Sound and Drag-and- Drop Graphics in Windows and the web Graphics refers to any tet+drawing+image+icon that display on the screen. The Graphics Environment .Net Framework used GDI+ for drawing graphics. GDI+ is device independent. Steps for Drawing Graphics create graphics object pen/brush call the drawing method DrawString method - to place text on the Graphics object The Paint Event Procedure Pen and Brush Objects Pen - Color and Width Brush - color The Coordinate System upper left (0,0) Point Structure: is designed to hold the X and Y as a single unit. Size Structure: heigth and width Graphics Methods DrawRectangle methos FillEllipse method Random Numbers Random Class Dim GenerateRandom As New Random() Dim GenerateRandom As Random = New Random (DateTime.Now.Millisecond) Simple Animation Displaying an Animated Graphic
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Unformatted text preview: Controlling Pictures at Run Time Moving a Picture SetBounds(X,Y,Width,Heigth) Timer Component Times component and Tick Event Interval property - 0 to 65,535 Default Tick Event - False The Scroll Bar Controls HscrollBar control and VscrollBar Control Properties Value Property - indicates the current position (Thumb) Events Playing Sounds Adding Sound Files to the resources for a Project A Sound Playing Program Playing Videos Using the Windows Media Player Control Drag-and-Drop Programming Begin - the DnD with Mouse Down Event Effect of the Drop - Drag Enter End - Drag Drop event The Source Object DoDragDrop method Objectname.DoDragDrop (DataToDrag, DesiredDragDropEffect) The Target Object AllowDrop property DragEnter Event DragDrop Event Drag-and-Drop Program Dragg'n and Dropp'n an Image TargetPictureBox.AllowDrop = True...
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VB - Chapter 13 - Controlling Pictures at Run Time Moving a...

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