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VB Chapter 5 - Using the Information from the Dialog Box...

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Chapter 5 : Menus, Common Dialogs Boxes, Sub Procedures and Function Procedures Menus defining Menus The text property The name property The MenuStrip Items Collections A Menu's DropDownItems Collection Submenus Separator Bars Other Features of ToolStrip Controls Creating a Menu -Step-by-Step Coding for Menu Items Write the code The Enabled Property The Checked Property Toggling Check Marks On and Off Standards for Windows Menus Common Dialog Boxes displaying a Windows Common Dialog Box With Color(Font)Object.ShowDialog() TitleLabel.BackColor = Colordialog1.Color Modal versus Modeless Windows : Modal - stays on the top
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Unformatted text preview: Using the Information from the Dialog Box Setting Initial values Creating Context Menus Creating a Context Menu Sharing Procedures Writing General Procedures Creating a New Sub Procedure Passing Arguments to Prcedures by Val:sends a copy of the argument's value to the procedure cannot alter the original value byRef: sends reference indicating where the value is stored in memory Writing function Procedures Fuctions with Multiple Parameters Breaking calculations into Smaller Units Basing a New Project on an Existing Project...
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