VB chapter 9 - remote Sites and FTP sites Creating a Web...

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chapter 9 - Web Applications Visual Basic and Web Programming Client/Server Web Applications Web server Microsoft two softwares that can make a machine a server : Visual Studio Web Server and Internet information Services (IIS) VS Web server is installed automatically Web Clients Browser displays pages written in markup language. HTML XHTML - extensible HTML intranet - within a company Web pages HTML web pages are stateless - it does not store any information about it content from one invocation to the next. ASP.Net includes libraries - controls - and programming support Using VB and ASP you can create OO or Event driven Web Applications VB and ASP each web form - a) HTML and b)the VB code Types of web sites File System Web Sites IIS web site - a web server , FTP server, email server and other services
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Unformatted text preview: remote Sites and FTP sites Creating a Web Site web page files - default.aspx (visual representation), Default.aspx.vb (contains the code behind file web forms in the VS IDE Viewing the HTML Code Event handling Debugging run w/o debugging : Control + F5 run with debugging : <compilation debug="true" /> Laying Out the Web Forms Using Tables for layouts: Absolute Positioning: location specific X and Y Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) Using Styles: rules that can specify page layout, position, font, color, alignment, margins, borders, backgrounds and bullet and numbering format. Using the Validation Controls ASP.net provide controls that can automatically calidate input data. Maintaining State AJAX...
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VB chapter 9 - remote Sites and FTP sites Creating a Web...

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