VB Chapter 12 - Reusable Classes Multitier Applications...

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Chapter 12 OOP: Creating Object-Oriented Programs Object-Oriented Programming Objects Objects have properties and Methods and generate Events Class -> Object Properties (Charecteristics) Methos (Actions) Button Class - ExitButton is an object( an instance of the Class) Object: Properties is a charectereistics of an object ( like Flavor / Topping) Cookie1.Flavor = "Lemon" Cookie1.Topping = "Cream Frosting" Object: Method is an action or behavior (move, Clear or Print) Cookie.Crumble Object-Oriented Terminology Encapsulation: combination of characteristics of an object along with its behaviors. Public, Private, Protected and Friend Inheritance: is the ability to create a new class from an existing class. original Class - base class, Superclass and Parent Class New class - subclass Partial Public Class Form1 Inherits System.Windows.Forms.Form Form1- Derived and System.Windows.Form.Form - Base Purpose: Reusability Polymorphism: The ability to take on many shapes or forms
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Unformatted text preview: Reusable Classes Multitier Applications Classes Designing Your Own Class Creating Properties in a class Class Method Constructors and Destructors Creating a New Class - Step by Step Property Procedures with Mixed Access Levels Creating a New Object Using a Class Defining and Using a New Object-Step by Step Instance Variables versus Shared Variables Adding Shared Properties to the Step by Step Exercise Destructors Garbage Collection Inheritance Properties and Methods Constructors in Inheritance Overriding Methods Accessing Properties Creating a Derived Class Based on Book Sale Adding inheritance to the Step by Step Exercise Creating a Base Class Strictly for Inheritance Inheriting Form Classes Passing Properties Between Forms Passing values to a Summary Form Passing Objects as Properties Managing Multiclass Projects Adding an Existing Class File to a project Using the Object Browser...
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VB Chapter 12 - Reusable Classes Multitier Applications...

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