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Chapter 11 The Continuity of Life: Cellular Reproduction The learning goals listed below are the broad concepts you should understand for this chapter. The learning outcomes list the concepts you should know or the things you should be able to do at the end of this unit. Some of the learning outcomes will be covered in class and the remainder you should achieve through reading, studying, and homework. Learning Goals and Intended Outcomes Learning Goal Learning Outcome(s) 1. Understand the cell cycle. 1. Define key terms. (p.219 of text) 2. Compare the prokaryotic cell cycle and the eukaryotic cell cycle. 3. Explain the purpose of mitotic cell division and list types of cells or organisms that use mitotic cell division. 4. Explain the purpose of meiotic cell division and location of meiotic cell division in animals. 5. Diagram the animal life cycle indicating where mitosis and meiosis are involved. 2.
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