PS5KEY - Professor Hinck Bio 110 Fall problem set 5 and...

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Bio 110, Fall, problem set 5 and study guide for the first midterm Here is a list of mechanisms that you should be very familiar with. I can’t promise that this is everything you need to know, but it is the least you need to know. 1) methods in brief, particularly looking at SDS-PAGE gels, thinking about antibodies and ways to look at interacting proteins 2) alpha helix and beta sheet: their structures and relationship to membranes 3) lipid (general and special characteristics) and membrane structure and effects of changing the lipids (i.e. saturated versus unsaturated) on the lipid bilayer 4) mechanism to restrict protein movement in membranes 5) transporters and how they work 6) the bacterial lactose permease 7) the Na/K ATPase (the problem in the problem set) 8) the K+ leak channel—what it does and how it works 9) the channels involved in muscle contraction, hearing, and learning/memory 10) cotranslational translocation—all about the SRP and how proteins are threaded in the proper orientation across membranes (the problem in the problem set) 11) in general carbohydrate attachment: where it occurs i.e. one process (which one?) in the ER and the rest (too complex to memorize) in the Golgi and what it is used for 12) Hsp 60, Hsp 70 and the proteasome 13) lipid synthesis (where it takes place and how it is integrated into the cell) 14) retrieval from the Golgi back to ER (COPI vesicles and the KDEL cycle) 15) formation of a COPII coated-vesicle and the Sar1 cycle 16) Rab proteins and SNARES in getting vesicles to the right place and fusing them 17) Mannose-6-phosphate signal and trafficking to the lysosome, including how the M6P signal is applied (see problem set) 18) formation of clathrin-coated vesicles 19) receptor-mediated endocytosis and how cholesterol is delivered into cells All the problems in the problem sets are important to understand. These problems were really designed to help you study. On the next page starts the last problem set for this exam.
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PS5KEY - Professor Hinck Bio 110 Fall problem set 5 and...

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