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10-21-08 mol bio class notes - TFIID-TBP-TAFIIs Assemble...

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Lecture 14/15 Molecular Biology 10/21/08 Exam next Tuesday Covers up to Transcription Nuclear polymerases don’t bind to the DNA very well so have factors which help them bind Basal Factors for RNAPII (Class II promoters) -TFIID (TBP) (initiation) -TFIIB and TFIIA -TFIIF and E and F *Hard to find a factor required for all of these promoters
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Unformatted text preview: TFIID-TBP-TAFIIs Assemble DAB Pol F And then all we have to do is assemble E and H Heparin-sulfated polysaccharide-(sometimes used as an anticoagulant)-can use to inhibit any further initiation, only elongation can occur Glu-Asp-Lusine=l L-X 6-L-X 6-L 4-5 x bZIP b=basic ZIP=lusine zipper...
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