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Porous silicon by Zhe Chuan Feng and Raphael TSU 1. Towards first silicon laser by Lorenzo povesi, Sergy Gaponenko and luca dal nergo 2. L.T. Canham: Appl. Phys. Lett. 57 , 1046 (1990) 3. L. Pavesi, L. Dal Negro, C. Mazzoleni, G. Franzo, F. Priolo: Nature 408 , 440 (2000) 4. V. Lehmann, U. G¨osele: Appl. Phys. Lett. 58 , 856 (1991) 5. Si-Rich Dielectrics forActive Photonic Devices L. C. Kimerling*, L. Dal Negro†, M. Stolfi, J. H. Yi, J. Michel, X. Duan, E. H. Sargent, T.-W. F. Chang, V. Sukhovatkin, J. Haavisto, and J. LeBlanc 7.Nanocrystalline Si EL Devices B. Gelloz* and N. Koshida 8 . Optical characterization of reverse biased porous silicon light emitting diodeS. Lazarouk
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Unformatted text preview: , S. Katsouba a , A. Tomlinson b , S. Benedetti c , C. Mazzoleni c , V. Mulloni c , G. Mariotto c and L. Pavesi c 9. Reverse biased porous silicon light-emitting diodes for optical intra-chip interconnects S. K. Lazarouk , , P. V. Jaguiro, A. A. Leshok and V. E. Borisenko 10. Silicon Fundamentals for Photonics Applications David J. Lockwood1 and Lorenzo Pavesi2 11. Physics of semiconductor devices by S.M.Sze and Kwok K. Ng 13. Porous silicon photoluminescence and quantum confinement D. Schwall a ; F. A. Otter a ; J. M. Galligan 14.J.C. Vial, a. Bsiesy, F. Muller mechanism of light emission from porous silicon...
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