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hw3 - Instructions on how to hand in the homework For...

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STAT241 ASSIGNMENT 3 DUE 5/29/2009 Part III: Statistical Trading Strategies and Risk Management Syllabus: Chapter 11 and 12 Kevin Wu([email protected]) will hold office hour and grade this assignment. His office hour is 2:30-3:30pm Tuesday and Thursday in Room 220 Sequoia Hall. For both Stanford Student and SCPD student problem 11.1, 12.2, 12.4 About Assignment 4: assignment 4 will be a quiz only consists 3 problems. It should be done individually. It will be assigned next week and will be due on Tuesday, June 4th.
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Unformatted text preview: Instructions on how to hand in the homework: For stat241, only hard copy accepted. Either in class or put it in Lai’s office(on 1st floor of Sequoia Hall). Do not send it through email. For stat241p, turn it in through SCPD or fax(650-725-8977). Do not send it through email. If you send by fax, please indicate Lai as the recipient and notifying Kevin Wu (kevin,[email protected]) by email. 1...
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