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Quiz 2 Name: Math 2602 February 9, 2006 (1) There are 28 children. How many ways are there to pick a team of 6 children and a team of 8 children if no child is al- lowed to be on both teams? ANS: There are (at least) two different ways to write this: ( 28 6 )( 22 8 ) or ( 28 8 )( 20 6 ) (2) On the team of 8 children, how many ways are there to choose a batting order? ANS: 8! (3) If in your batting order you decide that Hank must bat first, and Kim must bat last, how many ways can you arrange the batting order? ANS: 6! (4) To come up with a name for the team, you ask each child to give you a letter. They give you the list of letters, (A,S,R,T,S,A,R,M).
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Unformatted text preview: How many different team names can you make from this list using all of the letters in each team name? (The team names don’t have to be real English words) ANS: 8! 2!2!2! = 8! 8 (5) If you ask all 28 students, if they would like to study math or science, (they can either choose just one class, both classes, or neither class), what is the total number of different sets of answers they could give you? ANS: 4 28 , as each student has 4 choices (math, science, both, or neither). 1...
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