Formal Lab Report Expectations - Copy (6)

Formal Lab Report Expectations - Copy (6) - Formal Lab...

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Formal Lab Report (/50) Please note that the marking scheme may vary slightly depending on the requirements of the lab report. Labs are due at the next lab session at 10am (beginning of lab) with a 10% deduction per day late. General: The report should be typed and in full sentence format Graphs should be done using Excel (or other analysis program of choice) The report should be as short as possible without omitting vital data/analyses The report should guide the marker; refer to data/tables/graphs in the appendix Answers to Questions asked during Lab (/3): questions will be asked to each group of students each student will be marked individually on their contribution during discussion with TA Title Page: Include title, number and date of experiment; your name, your partners’ names and course name. Abstract (/5): Concise paragraph (3 – 4 sentences) including: the problem/purpose and general method main results and whether they are consistent 1 with theory additional information (interesting observations or insight) or reasons for experiment failure. Introduction (or Theory) (/5): Summary of main concepts including: a description of the physical principle and the physical laws the experiment is based important equations with variables defined (Try to use equation editor and italicize variables so that they stand out from surrounding text) assumptions (i.e. what values of variables do the equations work at with reasoning?) insight (i.e. current value or current usage in modern experimental physics, when was it last measured? Basically something NOT in the lab manual intro which gives insight or importance of this measurement, what if this theory failed? Do NOT copy lab manual intro
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Formal Lab Report Expectations - Copy (6) - Formal Lab...

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