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Electric Field and Equipotential Lines Purpose To gain some experience with equipotential lines and electric fields by experimentally determining the potential at various points between test charges and then drawing in the equipotential lines and the electric field lines. Preliminary Discussion The concept of a field surrounding the source of a force is a very important concept for all of physics. For this experiment , it is intended that you gain some experience with electric fields, study some of their effects, and make some measurements of the strengths of their sources. You have already worked with one example of a vector field, the gravitational field (g). With every point in space near the earth we have associated a gravitational field vector g, which is the gravitational acceleration that a test body placed at that point and released, would experience. If m is the mass of the body and F the gravitational force (“weight”) acting on it, g is given by g = F /m [Newton/kg] ……(1.1) This kind of
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Electric%20Field%20and%20Equipotential%20Lines - Electric...

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