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Ethical Issues in the Business Environment Business Administration 840.050 University of Delaware MBA –Fall 2009 -- Thursdays, 6:00 to 8:45PM, ALH 231 (Revised 31 August 2009 – Subject to further revision) Instructor: Dr. Gary R. Weaver Note: Information in the syllabus (e.g., schedule of reading assignments) is subject to updating/revision as the semester progresses. The latest version of the syllabus can be found at www.buec.udel.edu/weaverg/840050syllabusFall2009.doc . Course description Today’s businesses operate in complex social and political environments which generate a range of demands and expectations. Decisions which once were treated as internal management responsibilities increasingly are subject to scrutiny from the general public or major institutions of society (government, news media, etc.). Even within large companies, issues of ethics, loyalty and trust increasingly concern employees and sometimes spill over into news reports. As business becomes more global, dealing with all of these issues becomes more complex as well. This course is aimed at helping you incorporate an awareness of these kinds of issues into everyday managerial thinking. Much of the time we will focus on pragmatic managerial issues: for example, coping with organizational situations that can lead a manager into ethical difficulties, learning to look at issues from multiple perspectives, or thinking about how to get others to better understand your ethical concerns. At other times we look at issues more theoretically, and consider how scholarly investigations help illuminate the ethical and social issues that arise in business organizations. Issues covered range from the very individual and personal (e.g., coping with pressure from one’s boss to lie to a client) to the very large scale and impersonal (e.g., social impacts of economic globalization). Course requirements Reading assignments There is no textbook in the traditional sense. All reading assignments are articles and cases from various sources. Many of the readings are available for free online, either by searching the internet or using the University of Delaware Library’s database of electronic journals. The remainder are available for purchase at the university bookstore in a package of Harvard Business School cases and readings (indicated in the reading list below by “packet”). Access to most of the free materials is available through the databases provided on the university library’s website. In particular, you should be able to find most of the online materials using the Business Source Premier database (go to www.lib.udel.edu , click on “databases”, and look for Business Source Premier; then search using a few key terms such as author’s last name and main words from the article title). In order to access the library databases, the University’s computer system must recognize you as a
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840050syllabusFall2009 - Ethical Issues in the Business...

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