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Microsoft PowerPoint - Chapter 8 Lecture3 - Advantages of...

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Advantages of Hybrid Vehicles • They are very clean with extremely low emissions • The fuel mileage is astounding – 60miles/gallon • Is there anything else – other technologies that might be as good or better? Diesel Engine Vehicles • Fuel economy leaders are currently hybrids • This may not be the case for much longer • Diesels almost went away because they are dirty, dull and unreliable – ever been behind one? They belch black smoke and dangerous soot particles Diesel Engine Vehicles • Though they were never abandoned in Europe and Japan, because of their undesirable characteristics, diesel vehicles almost disappeared from the U.S. market in the 80’s • Not so today! – Effective traps have been designed to remove the soot from diesel emissions – Cleaner, low-sulfur fuel is now available in diesel Diesel Engine Vehicles • In 2005, the market share of diesel vehicles was about 3.5% • J.D. Power predicts that by 2015, diesel cars will reach 15%. • This is a large increase • So, are we headed to a world of only hybrid and diesel vehicles? NO! • Hybrids and Diesel will not take over our Automobile markets in the near future • This is because the hybrids are more expensive and perform worse than gasoline powered vehicles • Hybrid vehicles accelerate very slowly • Sales of hybrids will most likely increase over the next few years, but the largest growth will be… SUV’s Here’s what it looked like in 2005 SUV’s are predicted to grow by 24% from this by next year But only 44% of these new SUV’s will be hybrids
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Hybrid Vehicles - Summary • Hybrid vehicles are an excellent source of energy efficient, reliable and clean personal transportation • But, they are expensive and slow • Diesel driven vehicles are more desirable today than before • Neither diesel or hybrid vehicles will take over the auto industry soon because people are too practical and still want something less expensive, and faster with more power. Hybrid Vehicles and the Environment • Hybrid cars are not a panacea. • Though they represent a significant improvement over conventional vehicles in fuel efficiency and emissions, because they use a combustion engine they still produce some carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and smog related pollutants. • If automobile use increases in the future, perhaps from population increases or expanding urbanization for instance, then even a complete replacement of conventional cars with hybrids might not reduce overall emissions. • Although hybrid cars represent a viable transition step towards reducing vehicle emissions, they are far from the ultimate solution Hybrid Vehicles and the Environment • Scientists now are seeking to find ways to eliminate automotive emissions completely through the zero emissions vehicle (ZEV). • At present the only well established ZEV in
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Microsoft PowerPoint - Chapter 8 Lecture3 - Advantages of...

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