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Correctional Project - Telehealth Telehealth technology is...

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Telehealth Telehealth technology is a great step in the direction of the care and well being of prisoners all across the United States. It will ensure that all prisons can seek the medical attention they deserve without putting medical professionals at risk from potentially harmful prisoners. Telehealth is a derivative of telecommunications, which allow people to communicate in person across vast distances. This same technology has been modified to allow medical professionals the ability to take care of prisoners remotely, and being able to complete a multitude of task without being physically in the room (Brown, 1996). Some suck tasks that can be performed by the means of Telehealth communication is the taking of one’s blood pressure and glucose readings for the check of blood sugar in diabetes patients. These devices are linked to a special plug that is able to send the data from the blood pressure or glucose reading machine via a broadband connection. The data would then be displayed on the doctor’s computer along with all the other readings that are needed for such a checkup. Telehealth communication does do far more than just check one’s blood pressure; it is also able to attach a wide assortment of device that can be used to monitor the heart (EKG), X-Rays that can be sent over the broadband connection, and also the ability to seek psychiatric help without having to go through the pains of transporting a prisoner out of the prison (About Telemedicine). The use of Telehealth in prison systems would be beneficial to both the prisoners and the prison, reducing hardships of transporting prisoners to outside facilities, and allowing
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Correctional Project - Telehealth Telehealth technology is...

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