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Chapter 9 continued ------------------------- The USA Patriot Act Passed in 2001 following 9-11 Created two new federal crimes Terrorist attacks against mass transportation systems Harboring or concealing terrorist Created a terrorist Exclusion List Immigration consequences for members of the groups that it has named. The government may deport aliens living in the us who provide material assistance to organizations listed on the TEL. Five Provisions of the Patriot Act Subjects all assets, foreign or domestic, of terrorist organizations of civil forfeiture.
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Unformatted text preview: • Applies probations against providing material support to terrorism that occurs outside of the U.S. • Provides that there shall be no statute of limitations for certain terrorism offenses. • Makes the penalties for attempts and conspiracies the same as those for terrorism offenses. • Establishes penalties for the knowing possession under certain circumstances of biological agents, toxins or delivery systems....
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