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Paper 1 revised - M ichael Cobb Dr Holt Paper 1 Paper 1...

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Michael Cobb 2/16/09 Dr. Holt Paper 1 Paper 1 Question 1 The internet is a necessity in our world today, and it took only a decade for it to go completely mainstream in the public sector. As of right now 96 percent of the globe is connected to the internet and with that high percentage also comes a rising percentage of crimes that involve the ever-growing internet. Criminals have moved into cyberspace in lieu of their old criminal target, the streets. Criminals have taken over the internet in a way not like a hostage situation but in a way more like a dark alleyway in a city. They lay in wait for someone to come by them, unsecure and open, and exploit that and take their identity, credit card numbers, or even control of their computer to help spread a virus to massive numbers of people. The reason why people are getting targeted on the internet more often now is because we now rely on the internet to handle things that use to be done in person, such as paying bills, using credit cards, and shopping. College students are also using the internet for various things like research for papers, online tests, contacting professors, email, personal websites, digital documents, SPSS, and PDF files for class readings. All of these things are needed to successfully complete any type of education in college, and the internet is the most import resource for any college student, whether it’s
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Michael Cobb 2/16/09 Dr. Holt Paper 1 used to send an email, get readings online, or contacting your professors. The internet is a part of every college student’s life now, and because of that they are at risk for crimes committed in what is called the cyberspace. As a student you never think of anything happening to you on the internet, like
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Paper 1 revised - M ichael Cobb Dr Holt Paper 1 Paper 1...

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