BLAW+2200+Syllabus+09 - BLAW 2200 LEGAL AND ETHICAL...

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Unformatted text preview: BLAW 2200 LEGAL AND ETHICAL ENVIRONMENT OF BUSINESS SPRING 2009 Jim Honkisz 404-261-1796 Office hours by request I. Prerequisites : All developmental studies courses, if required. II. Catalog Description of Course : Covers torts, contracts, government regulation of business and the legal system. Also addresses ethical issues arising in a businesss internal and external relationships. III. Summary of Course : This course is an introduction to the relationship between law and the business environment. The material includes an overview of several areas of law relevant to business, including torts, crimes, contracts, the constitution, antitrust, real estate, court procedures, government regulations, intellectual property and remedies. The class also addresses ethical issues that may arise in the course of a business internal operations. IV. Course Objectives : The general objective of this course is to acquaint the student with the nature and functions of law as they relate to the business environment. This is a required course in Area F for business majors, also called Lower Division Business Core. The specific goal of the course is to acquaint the prospective businessperson with some of the basic legal principles applicable to business activities so that he or she can: Avoid the pitfalls of the legally uninformed; Comply with the common law in commercial matters; and Recognize those occasions when an attorney should be consulted. Students are expected to develop and demonstrate sound legal reasoning using relevant principles in analyzing and solving practical legal problems. Students will become familiar with the legal and ethical principles that are applicable to every business enterprise. V . Textbook: Wests Business Law: Text and Cases , Clarkson, Miller, Jentz and Cross (West Educational Publ. Co., 11th ed., 2009) VI. Method of Instruction : The course will be conducted on the basis of lectures and, to the extent feasible, class discussion. All students are required to read the assigned material before each class!!! Georgia law will be discussed where applicable. VII. Course Policies and Grading : Regular attendance is expected since each exam will include material covered in class. Class participation and attendance may be considered in ascertaining a students final grade. The grade value of these factors will be determined solely by the instructors discretion. Students receiving veterans benefits must attend class regularly. Opportunities for extra credit points may be offered during the 1 course of the semester for projects, answering additional questions on exams, and attendance. Two mid-term exams will be given during the semester, in addition to a final exam. The exams will be open-booki.e., you will be able to refer to the text and your written or printed notes during the exam. The final grade, subject to the preceding paragraph, will be determined as follows: Exam 1............100 points Exam 1....
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BLAW+2200+Syllabus+09 - BLAW 2200 LEGAL AND ETHICAL...

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