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week7 - conflicts This is a comparison and contrast Some...

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Week 7:Kushner This week's discussions will take a new turn and provide an opportunity to make additional points (up to 7 points possible, will not affect Extra Credit options) QUESTION 1 : What makes this play important to you? OR What fascinates you about this play? (2.5 pts) QUESTION 2: Kushner has created an epic drama of complex characters facing life-changing moments. They are all on the “brink”. He uses their stories to explore larger issues. These are the “national themes” in his “gay fantasia”. Choose ONE mega- issue and relate it specifically to three characters . How does each deal with this issue? (Think about their situations, actions, desires,
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Unformatted text preview: conflicts). This is a comparison and contrast. Some possible “national themes” to choose from: Freedom, Duty, Honor, Loyalty, Sacred position among Nations, Power, Truth, Sex, Love, Liberalism, Climate Change, Religion, Disease, Imagination, Racism, Prophecy, Threshold of revelation, Failure to measure up, Clout, Come up with your own . (2.5 pts) QUESTION 3: This play is difficult to sort through. Ask a question of your fellow members, and answer a question . (up to 2 points possible) Goal of this: To encourage group dialogue. Total word count: more than 400 VERY IMPORTANT TIP: Take notes during show. Write down key quotes. Use the quotes in your Discussion....
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