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Week 6: Lughnasa QUESTION 1: This is our first live production of the THAR 200 season. What makes live theater significantly different from filmed plays? Use your experience of watching " Lughnasa " to illustrate your points. How did this production meet, miss, or exceed your expectations? QUESTION 2: The playwright Brian Friel has created a "slice of life" in 1936 rural Ireland. Through the entwined lives of the six sisters, Friel delves into a number of issues: Conflicting religious traditions and celebrations (Ugandan, Irish Catholic, Celtic) Poverty and Irish emigration
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Unformatted text preview: Impact of technology on employment and social life Women's work Romantic and spiritual loss and longing Power of music and dancing (art) to express profound human need for transcendence Family Responsibility Sibling Rivalry Focus on ONE sister. Analyze how some or all of the above issues relate to or affect the character. Your analysis must include 3 examples of specific, vividly described moments from the production. Tips: Keep your program. Read the director's notes. Take a few notes during intermission....
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