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week6 - • Impact of technology on employment and social...

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Week 6: Lughnasa QUESTION 1: This is our first live production of the THAR 200 season. What makes live theater significantly different from filmed plays? Use your experience of watching " Lughnasa " to illustrate your points. How did this production meet, miss, or exceed your expectations? QUESTION 2: The playwright Brian Friel has created a "slice of life" in 1936 rural Ireland. Through the entwined lives of the six sisters, Friel delves into a number of issues: Conflicting religious traditions and celebrations (Ugandan, Irish Catholic, Celtic) Poverty and Irish emigration
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Unformatted text preview: • Impact of technology on employment and social life • Women's work • Romantic and spiritual loss and longing • Power of music and dancing (art) to express profound human need for transcendence • Family Responsibility • Sibling Rivalry Focus on ONE sister. Analyze how some or all of the above issues relate to or affect the character. Your analysis must include 3 examples of specific, vividly described moments from the production. Tips: Keep your program. Read the director's notes. Take a few notes during intermission....
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