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Week 4: Piano Lesson Piano Lesson is about the treasures and baggage of the past that we carry with us. Two siblings, Berneice & Willie Boy, must wrestle literally and figuratively with how to deal with the legacy of their ancestors. QUESTION 1: Which character do you think is right? Why? (Use evidence from the play to support your argument) QUESTION 2: The play is window into the past. What historical and/or cultural element of the story was new for you? What is its meaning and relevance in the story? For a particular character? For you
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Unformatted text preview: personally? NARROW your focus. Find out more with quick research. Some possible focus topics: Southern prisons, Tradition of art in Africa and in America, Blues & blues musicians, Slave-master relationships, Migration from south to north, Symbolism in the play, Railroads and railroad workers, African American Church, Jobs in the ‘30s, Ghosts, Breaking up of families in slavery, Picking cotton ,Racism in the 30’s...
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