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Week 3: Making Theater QUESTION #1: Respond to the Maya Lin documentary. This piece can be significant, even inspiring for many different kinds of audiences. It appeals specifically to young people, to artists, to people of "non-white" ethnicity, to soldiers, to politicians, to veterans, to teachers, to children of the '60's, to Americans, to social activists, to philosophers, to history buffs, to men, to women, and so forth. From your unique perspective, why is this film significant? Analyze at
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Unformatted text preview: least TWO SPECIFIC MOMENTS from the film to illustrate and support your ideas. QUESTION #2 : Julie Taymor discusses her creative process. Select ONE SPECIFIC POINT that she makes and relate it to ONE SPECIFIC THEATRICAL MOMENT in one Group Performance. Based on the experiential work you did in class, what insights would you add about the creative, collaborative process of making theater?...
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