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ExtraCreditWritingPrompt - 3 Evaluate the quality and...

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THAR 200 EXTRA CREDIT THEATER or DANCE PERFORMANCE Short Response Paper: Approximately 400-500 words, 3 points possible for Extra Credit. Submit as an Attachment through WebCT Course Mail Last day to submit EXTRA CREDIT: December 1 DIRECTIONS: 1. Provide a short synopsis of the event, its topic and its audience. 2-4 sentences (Descriptive writing) 2. Summarize the key points, ideas or content of the piece (Analytical Writing, not a plot summary)
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Evaluate the quality and impact of the event from your perspective (Interpretative Writing) 4. Discuss the larger questions raised by this event and its connections to our class. (Evaluative Writing) Include a word count, TIPS: Save your program, 1) Read the directorÕs notes (the directorÕs interpretation and insights may differ from your own) 2) Use program to refer to character names, actors, director and designers....
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