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SYLLABUS THAR 200 "Seeing Theater Today: Comparative Perspectives" Fall ‘09, Tuesday, 7-9:40pm, Warren Aud. Ives Hall Instructor Tori Truss, Ives 22, 664-3220 Use THAR 200 webct mailbox for e-communication , if necessary: tori.truss@sonoma.edu Teaching Assistants Erin Calvert ( calverta@sonoma.edu ) Jen Aaseth ( aaseth@sonoma.edu ) Office hours Monday 1-2:00, Tuesday 1:45-2:45, or by appointment GENERAL EDUCATION GOALS: Teach students to think independently, ethically, critically and creatively Teach students to communicate clearly to many audiences Teach students to gain an understanding of connections between the past and the present, and to look to the future Teach students to appreciate intellectual, scientific, and artistic accomplishment Teach and/or build upon reading, writing, research, and critical thinking skills GE COURSE GOALS: Develop intellectual curiosity Develop research skills  Write and speak effectively to various audiences Understand and appreciate performing arts  Understand and appreciate historical and social phenomena Understand social justice issues  Engage with challenging moral and ethical human dilemmas : Provide exposure to significant works in modern and contemporary theater and dance--regional, national, and international. Develop audience member's awareness, appreciation, and critical understanding of the artistry of theater and dance Compare the media of live, video-taped and filmic productions
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This note was uploaded on 11/08/2009 for the course THAR 1749 taught by Professor Susantruss during the Fall '09 term at Sonoma.

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200%20syllabus%20fa09 - SYLLABUS THAR 200 "Seeing Theater...

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