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Assignment #4-Part 2-75 points Applying Engineering Analysis Due Date: 11/6/09 1. The International Space Station has hundreds of shields made of aluminum and bulletproof composite materials that are intended to offer protection against impact with debris present in low Earth orbit. Over 13,000 pieces of debris have been identified by the US Space Command, including paint chips, booster casings, and an astronaut’s glove. Calculate the equivalent amount of TNT by mass required to match the energy of a 10 g particle of debris traveling at 8 km/s, which is a typical velocity in low Earth orbit.
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Unformatted text preview: (25 points) 2. A 0.31 lb m baseball is hit at a 45° angle and bounces on and over the center field wall at Yankee Stadium (408 ft). Use engineering analysis to determine the baseball’s velocity the moment it leaves the bat. (25 points) Note: Baseball is an American pastime, therefore all calculations must be completed in customary units. 3. Solve the analysis problem identified in class on 10/30/09 by your project group. Note: This is an individual assignment. (25 points) Note: The above assignment is to be completed individually....
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