th1 - MS&E 120 Probabilistic Analysis Autumn 2009 Take...

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Page 1 of 3 Autumn 2009 Prof. Ross D. Shachter Take Home Midterm Examination 1 October 16, 2009 MS&E 120: Probabilistic Analysis Take Home Midterm Examination Due at the Start of Lecture on Monday, October 19, 2009 or Before Lecture in Terman 405 Late submissions will be penalized 2% every fifteen minutes after the 9:30am deadline. This assignment is your own individual work. You are welcome to use the textbook and any handouts from this year’s course and spreadsheet or calculation tools such as those in Microsoft Excel, but you are not permitted to consult with other students, the course staff, or other materials, e.g, in the library or via the Internet. The one exception is that clarification questions are welcome via the course website through Saturday, October 17. Any other assistance you receive will be considered a violation of the Honor Code. Please consult Prof. Shachter,, if you have any questions about any of the requirements for the assignment. Note that because you are not permitted to share your work with anyone, it is an Honor Code violation to give it to someone else to deliver unless it is in a signed and sealed envelope. Both problems are weighted equally, with the parts within each weighted equally. In preparing your solution, please start the answer to each of the two problems on a new page and show your work clearly but briefly. Length is not a substitute for clarity, and we cannot give you any credit if we cannot understand how you solved the problem. If we derived a result in class we do not want you to re-derive it on the exam, but rather to employ it after showing that any necessary conditions are satisfied. If we ask you for an explanation, we want to know briefly which results from class you are applying and why they are justified. To get the most credit you should solve problems using the techniques discussed in class. Some
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This note was uploaded on 11/08/2009 for the course MS&E 120 taught by Professor Shatcher during the Fall '08 term at Stanford.

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th1 - MS&E 120 Probabilistic Analysis Autumn 2009 Take...

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