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17 - Elements of Meteorology Notes Fall 2006 — 11:670:201...

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Unformatted text preview: Elements of Meteorology Notes, Fall 2006 —- 11 :670:201 I y waves that move westward off of the west coast of Africa into the tropical North Atlantic Ocean ii Tropical depres3ion — a closed Circulation emerg s Within the disturbance and ' Wind speeds increase to 20~34 knots (25-38 mph) iii ropical storm — The storm receives a name at this paint and becomes more organized With Winds increasmg to 35 1 iv. Hurricane -— . l“dama e 2. inds 96-110 mph “Moderate" damage .' 3. inds 111—130 mph “Extensive" dama e 4. inds 131-155 mph “Extreme”d ma e 5. Winds greater than 1 k. Hurricanes form over warm, tropica substantial depth. l. 65 % ofall hurrica 55 mph “Catastrophic” damage l waters, with tempera tures over 80°F (27°C) to a 17 ...
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