12 Atmosphere

12 Atmosphere - a Winds 74 mph or higher B Thunderstorm...

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9/12 Atmosphere 1. Troposphere a. Surface to 11 km b. Contains all weather and air currents 2. Tropopause 3. Stratosphere a. 11-20 km b. Air temperature starts to increase with height 4. Mesosphere a. Air thin, low pressure, coldest 5. Thermosphere a. “hot layer” b. Absorb solar rays 6. Ionsphere a. Radio communications A. Hurricane: tropical storm with swirling clouds and eye
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Unformatted text preview: a. Winds 74 mph or higher B. Thunderstorm: lightning, thunder, winds, rain C. Tornado: rotating column of air D. Wind: horizontal movement of air E. High pressure: clear skies, cooler F. Low pressure G. Front: boundary separating warm and cool air Pressure decreases by factors of ten...
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