16 Heat and Energy

16 Heat and Energy - 9. Blackbody : sun and earth, perfect...

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9/16 Heat and Energy 1. Kinetic energy : motion 2. Temperature : measure of average speed of atoms and molecules a. Warm: less dense b. Cold: more dense 3. Absolute zero : no motion 4. Heat : energy being transferred a. Conduction b. Convection c. Radiation 5. Latent heat : hidden heat energy required to change a substance a. Reappear as sensible heat b. Melting, evaporating, sublimation: cool c. Freezing, condensation, deposition; warm 6. Conduction : transfer from molecule to molecule within a substance 7. Convection : transfer by movement of fluid 8. Radiant energy : electromagnetic waves release energy
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Unformatted text preview: 9. Blackbody : sun and earth, perfect absorber 10. Greenhouse effect : absorption of infrared radiation from Earth by water vapor and CO2 11. Albedo : percent radiation returning from given surface compared to initially striking surface 12. Summer solstice : June 21 13. Autumnal equinox : September 22, 12 hours of daylight 14. Winter solstice : December 21 15. Vernal equinox : March 20 In the southern hemisphere, it is opposite. The tilt of the Earths axis is the cause of the seasons....
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