18 Radiation

18 Radiation - a Snow is a good emitter of infrared b Ozone...

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9/18 Radiation A. Wiens Law: the hotter the object, the shorter the radiation B. Stefan-Boltzmann Law: amount of radiation energy proportional to temperature C. Short/Long wave radiation a. Absorbers: gets warmer b. Reflects: gets colder c. Rate depends on surface characteristics D. Selective absorbers: good absorber of certain wavelengths but not all
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Unformatted text preview: a. Snow is a good emitter of infrared b. Ozone absorbs UV radiation c. Enhanced Greenhouse effect due to increased concentration of CO2 E. Solar constant: output from the sun doesn’t change over time Radiation intensity depends on: -Intensity of source -Distance from source -Angle upon which radiation strikes surface -altitude...
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