24 Controls of Temperature

24 Controls of Temperature - 8. Frostbite a. Removes heat...

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9/24 Controls of Temperature 1. Daytime warming a. Highest around 3-5 pm 2. Nighttime cooling a. Radiation cooling 3. Controls of temperature a. Latitude, land, water, ocean currents, elevation 4. Isotherms a. Lines connecting places that have the same temperature 5. Specific heat a. Amount of heat needed to raise temperature of one gram of a substance by 1 degree Celsius 6. Sensible temperature a. The colder the air, the temperature we perceive is higher than the actual temp 7. Wild chill index a. How cold the wind makes us feel
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Unformatted text preview: 8. Frostbite a. Removes heat so quickly that the skin may freeze and discolor 9. Hypothermia a. Rapid progressive mental and physical collapse that accompanies the lowering of human body temperature 10. Heating Degree units a. Max temperature and min temperature divided by 2 11. Cooling Degree units a. Subtract base from daily average temperature and divide by 2 12. Controls of Temperature a. Latitude b. Altitude c. Land vs water d. Isotherms i. Same temperature e. Isobars i. Same pressure...
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