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11 Clouds - G Basic cloud types a Cirrus feathery b Stratus...

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10/11 Clouds A. Cloud formation: formed when air temp cools down to the dew point temp B. Mixing: when two air parcels become saturated when combined C. Fog formation: cloud on the ground D. Radiation fog: thin and spotty and burns of easily E. Advective fog: thick and persistent F. Upslope fog and clouds: winds blow over surface that is rising in elevation
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Unformatted text preview: G. Basic cloud types a. Cirrus: feathery b. Stratus: layers c. Cumulus: heaped up d. Alto: middle e. Nimbus: rain H. High clouds a. Cirrus b. Cirrostratus c. Cirrocumulus I. Middle clouds a. Altocumulus b. Altostratus J. Low clouds a. Stratus b. Stratocumulus c. nimbostratus...
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