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18 Precipitation Development

18 Precipitation Development - 5 Saturated vapor pressure...

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10/18 Precipitation Development 1. Warm cloud process: clouds form at temp above freezing are called warm clouds a. Occur through collision and coalescence b. All cloud drops are liquid water 2. Probability of a collision a. Larger drops have smaller surface area to weight ratio so they fall farther and faster before reaching terminal velocity 3. Cold cloud process: takes place at temp below freezing a. Bottom has liquid drops, top is frozen 4. Droplets that remain liquid at temp below freezing are super cooled drops
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Saturated vapor pressure over water surface is greater than over ice surface at same temp a. Ice part grows at expense of water droplets 6. Precipitation sounding: vertical profile of temperature 7. Virga: rain not reaching the ground 8. Drizzle: drops less than .5mm diameter 9. Rain to snow ratio: 10 inches of snow melts into 1 inch of water 10. Hail: ice particles vary from size of a pea to grapefruit a. Created on the warmest days of the year b. Rising air: strong updraft and colder temperature...
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