21 Thunderstorms

21 Thunderstorms - 7 Shelf cloud hangs off the cloud 8...

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11/21 Thunderstorms 1. Stages of Development a. Cumulus b. Growing c. Mature: downdraft d. Dissipating: downdraft spreads and cuts off updraft 2. Mechanisms of Development a. Air mass b. Orographic i. Mountains ii. Fronts 3. Severe thunderstorm a. ¾ diameter hail b. Wind gusts 50 knots or more c. Overshooting- rise in flat anvil top 4. Gust front- downdraft air cooler than surface which pushes out ahead of the storm 5. Downburst- downdraft area with crushing winds 6. Roll cloud- dark cloud close to the ground
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Unformatted text preview: 7. Shelf cloud- hangs off the cloud 8. Lightning a. Within cloud b. Cloud to cloud c. Cloud to ground d. Cloud to air e. Stroke can heat the air to 30,000 degrees Celsius, creating thunder f. Estimate distance: count time between lightning to thunder and divide by five g. No such thing as heat lightning 9. 40,000 thunderstorms occur daily 10. Safety measures a. Stay indoors b. Cars are the safest place c. Stay off connected phones d. Crouch low if in an open field...
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