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28 Tornadoes - a Stay in a basement away from windows b...

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11/28 Tornadoes 1. Fujita Scale: weak F0-F5 Strong 2. Most frequently occur between 4-6 pm 3. Funnel cloud: tornado that doesn’t touch the ground 4. Diameter 300-2000 feet a. Few meters to almost a mile 5. Usually last for a few minutes and have an average path of 4 miles 6. Tornado alley: Northern Texas to Nebraska 7. Safety tips
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Unformatted text preview: a. Stay in a basement away from windows b. Find a ditch c. Close the windows 8. Usually have southeasterly surface winds 9. Weather modification a. Cloud seeding b. Hail suppression and rain enhancement c. Silver iodide and dry ice d. Conflicting statistics as to the effectiveness of the procedure...
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