4 Hurricanes

4 Hurricanes - i Most intense is around the eye wall ii Eye...

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12/4 Hurricanes 1. Hurricanes, typhoons, cyclones 2. Average size 1,000-10,000 km 3. Development a. Tropical disturbance- cluster of thunderstorms with an organized circulation b. Tropical depression- winds 20-34 knots c. Tropical storms- winds 35-64 knots i. Storm gets a name d. Hurricane- winds exceed 64 knots
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Unformatted text preview: i. Most intense is around the eye wall ii. Eye- sinking air and no clouds 1. Center Low pressure iii. Spiral bounds- curved strips of thunderstorms iv. Ocean waters 80 degrees F required v. Most deaths are caused from a storm surge and floods vi. Weaken if over colder water or land...
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